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​Be one of less than 50 people to experience
this unique life-changing journey in 2020

​What transformative experiences are you seeking?

Are you called to visit ancient places, like the Great Pyramids and the Cradle of Civilization in East Africa? The place where the Buddha gave his first teaching in India? The birthplace of the Christian-Judeo-Muslim religions? And the most sacred mountain in all of Tibet? These locations are sites that represent the seven chakras of our planet, with every chakra being host to a unique lesson and stage of evolution for the individual and for the collective. They are locations that, under any other circumstance, would take years to visit each of them.

We’ll travel around the world in 30 amazing days –  we warmly invite you to join us.

​"If you want to connect and learn about other cultures...if you're a seeker of self-awareness... it's the best investment you could ever make"
- Marcy Cole, 2018 Pilgrim

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​​The Awakened World Global Pilgrimage is a spiritual adventure of a lifetime, which celebrates the sacredness of our planet as a home for all humanity and contributes to the awakening of a more unified world consciousness.

Tap into your will to live courageously, and unfold your own potential: to become fully awake for this incredible time and life we have been given, to the special and unique person that we all are, and to the opportunity to make a difference in the world while we are here.

What's Included?

  • ​30-day around the world pilgrimage to 7 sacred chakras of our Planet
  • ​Receive dharma teachings at each Chakra energy center
  • ​Land tour cost includes all meals, lodging, site visits, teachings and teacher guide
  • Airfare tour cost includes international and national flights between locations
  • Tour departure and return: Los Angeles, California USA
  • Chakra Destinations: East Africa - Tanzania, Middle East – Egypt and Israel; Asia – India, China, Tibet

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​others have

See things through a different lens

​“We are traveling not as tourists, we’re traveling as pilgrims belonging to the world. There’s lots of ”tourists” tours you can take - this is for people who want to experience themselves, experience the world... you’re going to see things through a different lens"
- Peter and Kathryn Marrtin, 2018 Awakened Pilgrims


​​more about our
​itinerary and the 7 chakras

​Designed with care and intention, this is the original and only pilgrimage around the world and through the 7 chakras of our planet offered to the public.

​​​your guide and teacher
​Lama Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here to learn about this special pilgrimage opportunity. Here’s a little about me: I have dedicated my life to helping others awaken.During this pilgrimage, I will lead you on a journey of ascending consciousness to open your body’s energy centers in resonance with some of the world’s greatest power places and through various powerful locations that represent the evolving stages of our human and spiritual development. We’ll start from the point of origin of humanity in East Africa in the root chakra and culminate with the opening of the crown chakra to awakened consciousness on top of the world in Tibet.

I have had decades’ long training in Vajrayana Buddhist Traditions as a Lama, during which I underwent two 3-years long meditation retreats back to back. During my retreats, I was shown that there would be a lot of “awakened travel” throughout my life, and that I would be able to help many people if I chose to travel as part of my mission...

This will be the third major public pilgrimage that I lead. I feel called to lead this Awakened World Global Pilgrimage because many people are currently in transition and humanity is at a major crossroads as it relates to our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our planet.